Mentorship Program


The mentorship program is designed for CAFA members to assist those who are in the process of preparing for examination for membership in CAFA.

To be eligible for mentoring, the candidate must be approved by the CAFA Board and have successfully completed Step 1 of the CAFA Membership Admissions process.

The CAFA Mentor is required to:

1. Be a member in good standing for a period of no fewer than three (3) years.
2. Be available for contact with the candidate for a minimum of three (3) sessions of 30 minutes.

The CAFA Candidate shall accept the following:

1. Acknowledge that the mentoring process does not guarantee the success of the Step 2 Admissions Testing.
2. Acknowledge that it is their responsibility to ask questions and obtain clarification and advice from the mentor. The mentor is an aide to help them through the process, but the Candidate must initiate the areas in which help or advice is needed.

The Mentorship Program consists of the following:

1. A review of the overall procedure of Step 2 Admissions.
2. A review of the scoring sheet used for Step 2 Admissions.
3. A critique of a photo or design of the candidate’s choosing.

To get the mentorship process started contact