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The Canadian Academy of Floral Art was formed in 1992 to be a unique institution that recognizes the exceptional talents of Canadian floral designers as artists. CAFA is now proud to honour and promote the artistic achievements of floral designers from around the world to the public and to the floral industry.

The 2nd Annual CAFA Floral Art Photo Competition

Inviting all CAFA Members, Professional Florists, Floral Designers, Floral Artists, Student Florists for an amazing Floral Art Competition!

Sign up for our 2nd Annual Virtual Floral Art Competition here. Two Categories; Professional Florists and Students! Amazing Cash Prizes! So Many in-kind prizes to be announced over the next 2 months! Come join us!

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Who We Are

Lea Romanowski CAFA AIFD


Julie Drago CAFA AIFD

Past President

Inta Taurins CAFA AIFD


Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Canadian Academy of Floral Art recognizes Floral Design as an art form, and honours those with the ability to take their skill and creativity to a level beyond the everyday, and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

CAFA was formed to give recognition to floral designers who possess the "extra flair and creativity" that sets them apart from standard industry design.

Our admittance requirements are tough, but they have resulted in a roster of members who are the movers and shakers of the floral industry. Our members are designers and commentators, and often the creative force behind many of the floral trends seen in visual and print media.

CAFA can proudly boast members from not only Canada and United States, but also New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to have worldwide recognition.

Education has always been a core value of CAFA. It is stressed at every CAFA function - locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Work

CAFA exists to display and elevate excellent floral design in Canada and around the world. Our design shows are a platform to demonstrate the limitless potential of artistic floral creativity.

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